Braves Concessions

Braves Concessions are our biggest and most valuable fundraiser. For the 2018 season, we will operating The Smoky Q Portable #233A on the Terrace Level of SunTrust Park, we will be serving delicious Barbecue Pork Nachos. This fundraising opportunity brings money into the Sprayberry Band Booster Association's General Fund and gives parents an opportunity to off-set student fees. It's a great opportunity and we need you on board the CHOP TEAM!  

CHOP (Concessions Help Our Program)
TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More)


Benefits to you

This fundraising opportunity brings money into the SBBA General Fund so that the Sprayberry Band organization can operate at peak performance, giving our students the ABSOLUTE BEST EXPERIENCE!

Each game you work, a portion of the sales will be donated directly to SBBA where we can lower individual student fees and increase the general fund.  Currently, volunteers and leads score Fundraising Points (FPs) based on the schedule below.  

Volunteer: 35 FPs
Lead: 45 FPs

Fundraising points are credits to your student's band account. You can knock those band fees out of the park even before the school year starts! Then start banking those points for next year's band fees!

It's that easy! For more details contact our CHOP/Fundraising team. 


Who Can work & When

Every parent, adult family member or student can participate (student or family member MUST BE AT LEAST 18).

Eighth grade student families are eligible and encouraged to participate as well. It's never too early to start contributing to your student's future in the Sprayberry Band. 

The Atlanta Braves have 81 home games from April through October for you and your family to choose from. This year, we have contracted for 54 games in April, June, July and August.  With that many choices, you may receive enough fundraising points to cover your student’s band fees for the season.

What an AMAZING way to pay your BAND FEES!!!

How do I sign up?

Signup is easy. Simply fill out the form below. You will get an email from our fundraising team with details on how to get started. Each adult will have to attain a Cobb County Servers’ Permit, attend the Braves Concessions Training at SunTrust Park, and then you'll be set to set up your game schedule! Remember, you must be 18 years old to volunteer at the games. 

If you participated in 2017, simply renew your Server’s Permit, and attend the Rapid Retraining Session at SunTrust Park.  Check the TWIB for current training dates!

Let's CHOP on! 

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