Special Braves Information


Planning to volunteer for an upcoming game?

A few important things...

Please make sure you are aware of where you will be going on game days.  It is a bit confusing, so you may want to print out that e-mail and keep it with you. You will be walking from that location to the stadium where they will enter in through the left field gate. It is approximately a 15 minute walk, so have your volunteers give themselves enough time to park, walk into the stadium and pass through the security checkpoint.  This process may take a while.  I would allow for an extra 30 minutes to give yourselves enough time.  

When volunteering, you MUST bring the following:

  • Your name tag must be worn at all times.

  • Your hat or visor must be worn at all times.

  • Your alcohol permit.

  • Your ID.

We must abide by all Delaware North Guest Path policies including appearance.  Please make sure you are in compliance!  Let’s take pride in our organization and make SBBA and Delaware North look AMAZING!

To sign up to volunteer, please obtain your alcohol permit, and sign up for an orientation here.

If you have already completed training, please sign up for which upcoming games you'd like to volunteer for.




Upcoming Training Sessions

Tuesday, August 6th • 6pm-10pm

Tuesday, August 27th • 6pm-10pm

To register for an upcoming training, please make sure you have obtained your alcohol permit and RSVP’d by emailing braves@sprayberryband.com.

Parking for training is in the surface lots across from the Delta Deck (also known as the Blue Lot- 655 Battery Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30339) on the corner of Circle 75 Parkway and Windy Ridge Rd. 

 You will enter the building through the LEFT FIELD SECURITY GATE where someone will be waiting to show you where to go.


Form is located at the bottom of the page.