Sprayberry Leadership



Student leadership is at the core of the Sprayberry Band of Gold's success. The BOG student leadership team is comprised of servant-minded students that embody the core principals of the Band of Gold. These students lead by example in areas of musicianship, academics, and service. It is an honor and privilege to be selected as a member of the leadership team. The team is united under the goal of making sure the Band of Gold achieve the "Standard of Excellence" set forth by the directors, students and community. 

The selection Process

Being selected into the leadership team is a multi-pronged process. Students must first apply to enter consideration for a leadership position. This application will be provided by the directors and must be completed by the determined time. The application includes a questionnaire and teacher recommendation forms. The student must be prepared to specify what position(s) he/she is applying for. In addition to the application, the student must attend the leadership clinics and fully participate in the discussions and activities. At the conclusion of the clinics the current members will be polled as to their choices for the leadership team. This data point will influence the ultimate and final decision which falls on the band directors and BOG staff. In summary, there will be five areas of evaluation for each potential member of the leadership team. 

BOG leadership Positions:

  • Drum Major

    • Woodwind Sergeant

    • Brass Sergeant

    • Percussion Captain

    • Guard Captain

      • Guard Section Leader

      • Flute Section Leader

      • Clarinet Section Leader

      • Saxophone Section Leader

      • Low Reed Section Leader

      • Mellophone Section Leader

      • Trumpet Section Leader

      • Baritone Section Leader

      • Sousaphone Section Leader


Drum Major Candidates

Candidates for drum major will have to complete the same process as leadership candidates in addition to preparation for the drum major audition. The drum major auditions will be held separately from the leadership clinics. The auditions will include the directors and a guest judge. Each candidate will audition individually and will have to complete all aspects of the audition.

Audition requirements consist of: 

  • Basic Conducting Patterns (4/3/2/1)

  • Dynamics

  • Cues

  • Prepared Recording (Marching Music) (Cannot be the previous BOG Show)

  • Interview

BEfore you apply

Being a student leader is challenging. Before choosing to be a member of the leadership team, evaluate your reasoning for doing so. Providing a service to the band must be at the heart of your willingness to join the team. The directors hold our student leaders in high regard. You must be in good academic standing, have no discipline issues, and exist as a role model for your peers. The selection process is thorough because it has to be correct. No doubt the next leadership team will be one of the best. 

Clinic Dates:

*Monday, March 18th  Conducting Clinic 3:45-4:45pm Bandroom 

*Monday, March 25th Conducting Clinic 3:45-4:45pm Bandroom

(All) Monday, April 8th Leadership Clinic 3:45-5:30pm Bandroom

(All) Monday, April 15th Leadership Clinic 3:45-5:30pm Bandroom

(All) Monday, April 22nd Leadership Clinic 3:45-5:30pm Bandroom

(All) Monday, April 29th Leadership Clinic 3:45-5:30pm Bandroom

*Monday, April 30th Drum Major Auditions 4:00-7:00pm Bandroom

* Drum Major Candidates Only


Drum Major Audition Recordings

Each drum major candidate will need to conduct two short performance excerpts for your audition. You will need to select one from each category. One “Lyrical” selection and one “Advanced” selection. Both selections will highlight certain conductor techniques and facility which any successful drum major will need. Reminder: You cannot double up in any category.

Lyrical Selection (Choose One)

Advanced Competition Selection (Choose One)