Support Sprayberry High School Band and upgrade your mattress. The Band of Gold along with Custom Fundraising Solutions North will be hosting their annual March Mattress Madness Fundraiser on Saturday, March 16th from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

A full showroom displaying top brands such as Simmons Beautyrest will be available to test. Adjustable bed systems too! Factory direct prices with savings of up to 50% off retail in all sizes and mattress types. Credit card, checks, cash and on-site financing. Profits support the Band of Gold, so come out, help the kids, and enjoy a better night’s sleep as well.

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What is the mattress fundraiser?

The March Mattress Madness Fundraiser is a one-day event hosted by Sprayberry High School Band inside the band room at the school. You will walk into a showroom, just like you’d find at a retail store. With over 20 beds for you to try (including brand names such as Simmons Beauty Rest) in a relaxed, friendly, and no-pressure setting, you’ll find the right bed for you. Once you do, we’ll order it in whatever size you want, including custom sizes. Your new bed will be manufactured to order - brand new, and have a non-prorated factory warranty.


When is it time to purchase a new mattress?

Here are the true signs it’s time to dump your old mattress and invest in a new one.

  1. Your mattress is 7-10 years old.

  2. Your body is complaining.

  3. You’re not getting good sleep like you used to.

  4. Your mattress just doesn’t feel right or look as sturdy as it used to.

  5. Your allergies are getting worse with no relief.

  6. You get better sleep on other beds.

  7. You keep buying new toppers and pillows and still aren’t getting relief.


The best mattress for quality sleep

You spend about a third of every day in bed. Whether that time is spent blissfully slumbering -- or tossing and turning -- depends a lot on your mattress.

"A mattress can impact a person's sleep," says Michael Decker, PhD, RN, associate professor at Georgia State University and spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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