2018 Cobb County Exhibition - Information for Students and Parents

Cobb County Exhibition

Monday, October 15th, 2018

McEachern High School

Cobb County Exhibition is a wonderful event that has been occurring for many years in our

District. It is an opportunity for our County Bands to see each other’s shows in a non-competitive environment and to receive comments from qualified adjudicators to help guide the growth of the band. To achieve this, the County runs two Exhibitions where half the bands perform for each other on each night with a college band performing at the end of the event. It is a fantastic event that is a wonderful opportunity for our students.

Our Exhibition is on Monday, October 15th. Please see below for the final schedule for the evening!

3:30 PM              

School Ends. If we don’t leave the trailer loaded after the competition on Saturday, we will immediately get your instrument (and percussion stands for the battery) and take it to the trailer. If we leave the trailer loaded then we will head directly to dinner.


3:50 PM                

If we have to load the truck, move to the commons for dinner. Once you are done eating, clean your area and return to the band room.

4:35 PM                

Begin getting dressed

4:55 PM                

All Dressed (Jackets folded with gauntlets, gloves and shakos in hand) in bandroom for meeting

5:00 PM                

Load Buses

5:05 PM              

Depart Sprayberry

6:00 PM                

Arrive at McEachern, unload, warmup

7:30 PM                


7:45 PM                

Return Equipment to Truck, Return to stands to watch bands. Please remember that we will offer the maximum support to every band that performs tonight. Everyone who performs has put in the same amount of work as us…cheer loudly for them!

10:15 PM            

Return to Sprayberry High School


Once we return to school, we will change out of uniform and unload the truck before dismissal.

Please remember that we will be out later than normal on a school night. We HIGHLY encourage each student to find out all of your assignments for Tuesday and complete them during the weekend. The teachers are used this request and will generally work to help you get this information. We will also give the students some time in class on Monday/Tuesday to help with homework completion.

Parents, Family Members and Friends – You are all invited to attend the Exhibition! If you would like to come and support all the great bands, admission will be $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students. Pre-School Children will be admitted for free. We hope to see you there!

Download this letter from the directors.