2018 Winter Workshop Success

On the weekend of February 2nd-3rd we held our annual Winter Concert Workshop. This is a weekend-long workshop dedicated solely to our concert program. We hired fifteen professional musicians, conductors and educators to spend a weekend with our students. The value of learning directly from industry professionals was a rewarding and long-lasting experience for our young musicians.  In addition to having masterclasses on each individual instrument, the kids also worked with guest conductors on their Large Group Performance Evaluation programs. 

Special thanks to: 

Guest Conductors: 

Gary Gribble, Casey Eubanks, Corey Newton


Andrew Cummings, Michael Terry, Marja Kerney, Candace Keach, Erika Dieges, John Reams, Jay Wilson, Jay Hanselman, Jordyn Mader, Gil Estes, Jonathan Thomas and Austin Baxley