2018-19 Marching Band Parent Meeting Recap

2018 Parent Meeting Notes - From The SBBA President

Thank you to all who attended the Parent Meeting on July 24th.  Mr. Esserwein presented some important information, and your SBBA Board Members described volunteer needs for the various departments. 

Here are the most important items:

  • Marching Band has no “bench”.

    • This means every student should be at every rehearsal and every performance. Please try to avoid scheduling doctors’ appointments, vacations, etc. during band activities. If you have any issues, please email directors@sprayberryband.com. If a student misses a Thursday rehearsal, he or she may not be able to perform at a game or competition. This is not a punishment; it is for the safety of all the students.

  • Academics are the number one priority.

    • If grades start to become an issue, please make the directors aware. Many options are available: study hall in afternoons in the band room, peer tutoring, mandatory tutoring provided by the school, and more!

  • Weekly rehearsal schedule:

    • Mondays: 4:00 – 6:30 pm in the stadium or parking lot

    • Tuesdays: 4:30 – 7:30 pm in the parking lot

    • Thursdays: 4:30 – 7:30 pm in the parking lot

    • There is time to get a quick snack beforehand, but students should not go home before rehearsal.

  • Students are typically ready for pick-up 15-20 minutes after rehearsals end. We have chaperones to stay until every student has been picked up. Please be considerate.

  • All events are listed in the TWIB (This Week In Band – email newsletter) and on the website [INCLUDE LINK HERE] – please use this calendar to make your plans!

Parent Volunteers:

Cobb County requires an annual background check for anyone working with the students.  If you would like to help out the band in any way, please print and fill out the consent form. The background check is performed at no cost to you, and fingerprinting is not required.  Please fill out the center section of the form – the position should be “Band Parent Volunteer.”  For privacy, please put your completed form in an envelope marked “Background Check Form,” and place it in the Black Box in the band room.  You may also give it directly to SBBA President Gretchen Douglas, Chaperone Chair Tammy Fulmer, or one of the directors.

We need your help in all areas. Here are some examples:

Uniform washer – take 4-6 uniforms home, wash using detergent provided by SBBA, and hang to dry.  This is done every 2 weeks during marching season.  Contact uniforms@sprayberryband.com.

Round-up Chaperone – make sure all students are picked up from a rehearsal, game or competition.  Contact chaperones@sprayberryband.com.

Hospitality Team – serve water and lemonade to our band students and visiting band students during the 3rd quarter at home games.  Serve dinner to students and staff before away games.  Contact hospitality@sprayberryband.com

Middle School Outreach – attend band concerts at our feeder schools (Daniell, McCleskey, and Simpson) and promote the Sprayberry band program.  If you have a student in a middle school band program, you’ll already be there anyway!  Contact middleschools@sprayberryband.com

We have many more opportunities!  Please contact President@sprayberryband.com or any of our board members for more information on how you can help.