SHS vs. Dalton High School - Details

Dalton Football Game Pep Band

Friday, October 12, 2018

This Friday, our Football Team, Cheerleaders and Band will be travelling to Dalton High School for our Friday Night Football Game. Because this is a long trip and because the field is not ideal for performing our show, we will be utilizing a Pep Band Format. We are planning on taking around 90 students to support the team and cheerleaders and will allow the students who do not attend time to stay on top of homework and class assignments before a busy weekend.

Sign up sheets will be posted on Monday for the students to sign up for the game. We should know by Wednesday or Thursday the exact personnel attending, so if you need to know for sure if your child is attending please email Mr. Esserwein and I can let you know for sure.

Here are the guidelines we will use:

  • Each section will have a minimum number of students that will need to attend. This will ensure that all parts of the music are represented.

  • Leadership will be expected to attend

  • Once leadership has signed up, the remainder of the spots will be filled via the sign up sheets.

  • Priority will be given to upperclassmen, but all spots must be filled regardless of grade level.

  • We will wear show shirts and jeans/shorts (depending on weather).

Thank you for your understanding! If you have any questions please email Mr. Esserwein!

Download this letter from the directors.