SCRIP Gift Card Program

Scrip is fundraising while you shop. Here’s how it works: a family will buy a scrip gift card through your music group’s scrip program. They'll pay the full face value, but they’ll earn an immediate rebate percentage that’s typically between 3% and 15% depending on the retailer. Then they use that gift card on their normal purchases. For example, if the marching band has a competition all day long, use scrip to pay for a celebratory meal at Applebee’s and earn 8%! You’re not spending extra money, and there’s no selling involved— you’re just earning for your music program!


SCRIP Benefits

  • No extra time, money, or energy spent.
  • No selling unwanted products to your family and friends.
  • Earnings add up quickly— families can earn $1,000 or more per year.
  • It’s a great budgeting tool, and it fits with every financial situation.
  • We offer over 750 retailers, so you can use scrip for practically anything.
  • Online ordering lets families buy and use eCards whenever they want.
  • The funds you earn are immediately accessible.
  • It’s habit forming— you’ll want to use scrip all year long.

How it works

SCRIP Coordinators are available every Tuesday night in the band room to take orders and answer questions. 
Placing orders - Two easy ways to place your order:

  • In person - Place your order in person on Tuesday nights. 
  • On-line - Place your order on-line.

Payment - Three convenient ways to pay:

  • PrestoPay - You may pay on-line using PrestoPay.
  • Cash - Come in on Tuesday to pay with cash.
  • Check - Come in on Tuesday to pay with a personal check.

Pick-up - There are different ways to pick up your SCRIP order:

On-hand-stock can be picked up on Tuesday immediately after payment is received.

All other SCRIP orders paid by Tuesday night (9:00pm) will be ready for pick-up on the following Tuesday.

ScripNow! -  Will be delivered to your inbox within 30 minutes after paying with PrestoPay.

Reloads -   Reloads paid for with PrestoPay will process automatically, and the funds will be added to the card(s) overnight. Reloads orders paid for by check/cash on Tuesday night will process after the coordinator releases the order for processing and the family will receive an email telling them when the funds will be available.

 User Guide - Available in your Family Home page on the left.

 Contact Us at

Set up your account

1. Go to, and click on "Create Account".
2. Follow the four simple steps and click "I Accept".
3. Enter the enrollment code 9F76B86912348 and click "Join".

Shop online for "New" Cards

1. You can select items for ordering and put them into your cart just like Amazon by going to the "Shop" screen and selecting vendors and entering the desired quantity per available card denomination. 
2. When all desired items are in your cart, select "Checkout" 
3. Select Payment Option 

a. Check - you will need to write a check payable to SBBA and submit the following Tuesday
b. PrestoPay - you will need to enter the Presto Pay PIN that you created during PrestoPay setup

4. Print you order. Bring a copy to pick up your cards.

Setting Up Prestopay

Pay for your scrip gift cards online with PrestoPay, the convenient payment system available on When you use PrestoPay, your order payment is transferred securely via electronic debit. You won't have to drop off any more checks!

1. Go to 
2. Log in to your account. 
3. Select the "PrestoPay" option in the left hand column. 
4. Follow the directions on the screen
5. You will have to make up a PIN
6. Scrip must successfully debit your account for a small amount before you can start using (usually a 24 - 48 hour process) 
7. You will then be emailed a code which you need to send to our SCRIP Coordinator at
8. Once your account is approved by the coordinator, you'll be ready for online payments!

To Order ScripNow!

1. Go to 
2. Log in to your account. 
3. Select "Order ScripNow!" from the choices
4. A list of all ScripNow vendors will appear
5. Select your choices just like online shopping. 
6. You will select the "add to car" under "eGift Available". When through checkout the same as an online order. 
7. However, if you want your ScripNow to be available immediately, you must pay with PrestoPay. Otherwise, it will not be available until SBBA (Sprayberry Band Booster Association) releases the order. 
8. After paying, go to the "ScripNow" option in the left hand column
9. Items just ordered will appear under "Unclaimed ScripNow" - depending on the vendor, it can take up to 30 minutes for the ScripNow to appear. 
10. Click on an unclaimed ScripNow and print it out using the print option that appears on the page. 
11. Claimed ScripNow - shows you ScripNow orders that have previously been claimed and printed. You can re-print a ScripNow order by selecting "View."

For more ScripNow! information click here.

       Reloading a Gift Card

1. Go to 
2. Go to the "Family Home" screen and select "Reload" from the middle column
3. A list of reloadable vendors will appear, find the desired vendor. 
4. You will select the "order" button under "XXXX Reload" 
5. The first time you access for a vendor, you will need to register the card to be reloaded by entering the card number and a name to id the card. You can enter more than one card per vendor by selecting "Register Another Card" and keying that card #. 
6. If your card is already registered, you select it from the dropdown box and enter the dollar amount based on the details shown on screen. When through checkout the same as an online order. 
7. If you want your Reloaded card available before the next SBBA scrip night, you must pay with PrestoPay. Otherwise, it will not be available until SBBA releases the order.

For more Reload information click here.


On-Hand Scrip

On-Hand-Stock are card inventory that we have on Tuesdays. Cards can be picked up on Tuesday immediately after payment is received. 

We ALWAYS have Publix cards on stock. 
We also have a handful of local retailers and local fast food vendors on hand; stock varies from week to week.

Questions Regarding Scrip