Southern Invitational Volunteer 

The Southern Invitational is one of the Sprayberry Band's major fundraisers. For the event to truly be successful it takes all band parents, alumni, and students to volunteer to see that the event runs smoothly. Southern Invitational's mission is to offer every band member, staff member, director and family member a memorable and positive experience while they are visiting the Sprayberry Community. Volunteerism is vital to achieving that mission. Below are brief summaries of areas where volunteers are needed the most. Take a look and to join us in making the Southern Invitational an event to remember for a lifetime. 


Parent and Student volunteers are needed on: 
Friday, before SI - Stadium and campus setup
Saturday, of event - 8:00 am to 12 midnight - pre-event/event/clean-up
Sunday morning, after SI - Stadium and campus cleanup and restoration


Concessions & Tickets

Adults and students are needed to help serve and prepare food all day. Work shifts will be designated. Many adults are needed especially for the 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. shift when our band students have to report to warm up for their exhibition performance.

Adults and students are needed to help sell tickets and programs for the day. This includes manning gate access areas and crown flow. The chair person will assign work schedule.


Equipment & facilities

Equipment and facilities generally work together. Facilities responsibilities include start setting up on Friday before and after the football game-lighting, tents, electrical power for the tents, setting up tables, etc. Saturday morning consists of finalizing any details that weren't completed on Friday. When the bands start arriving on Saturday we will be available to help them with their equipment if needed. Usually the bigger bands don't need much help because they bring their own gators and trailers but some of the smaller bands eagerly wait for the help. We help keep things moving in a timely matter. The chair person will assign work schedule and provide instructions


Traffic & Seating

One of the most important jobs of the day, adults are needed to help direct traffic for cars, buses and equipment trucks. The chair person will assign work schedule and provide instructions.

Several adults and students are also needed to help seat bands in their specified area in the visitor stands. This is really important in the later part of the competition as it will be crowded for the awards. Seating plan will be provided by head chairperson.

VolunTeer Signup

Fill out the form below to secure a volunteer spot. Each volunteer area has a designated chair that will coordinate volunteer times and assignments. 

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Donations to Southern Invitational are vital to the fundraising efforts of the event. Donations are used to off-set the vast expenses of running a successful and top not marching festival. Students, Parents, Alumni and Community are encouraged to donate not only their time but other useful items like food for hospitality, equipment, materials and supplies. Every little bit counts. 

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