The Sprayberry Band Booster Association (SBBA), our band booster organization, is an incorporated, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that exists to support the band program at Sprayberry High School.

You do not sign up to be a member, and there are no dues. All parents and guardians of all students involved in the concert bands, marching band, colorguard, winterguard. and jazz ensemble are automatically members, as are the students themselves.

The Booster Association is guided by a Board of Directors made up of officers and members at large. The Board meetings are totally open and all are welcome, although only Board members can vote on Board decisions. Any booster who has an item that he or she would like to present to the Board should contact the booster president before the meeting to be placed on the agenda. Or, any booster can contact a Board member who will then bring that item before the Board.

Booster Association general meetings are every month on the third Tuesday at 7:00 at SHS. Please try to set aside this evening each month to be an active part of the group. At the meeting, you receive information from the Board and the directors, hear committee reports, receive financial updates, and have an opportunity to take an active part in band activities. If you can't attend a meeting, please check this website for current events and activities. When volunteers are needed, the related information is posted on the website.

Sometimes new parents think that the SBBA's work is mostly finished at the end of the marching season. Please know that we need your help just as much in second semester.

The SBBA is vital to the operation of the band program. The program's success depends on parental commitment, time, and resources. Our directors are dedicated, talented, hard-working teachers and mentors. But they need our help and support, as do our young musicians.

2018-19 Sprayberry Band booster President

Lynn Bitzis

I have just as much fun as my kid with all of the band activities. Totally didn’t expect that.
— Junior Parent

Get involved 

Everyone is welcome, so come out and participate whenever possible. Even if your time is limited (whose isn't?), there are numerous ways in which you can make the band program even better! Your talents and abilities are needed. Please get involved. Together we can make it happen! And you'll get to know your child's friends and the parents of your child's friends while you support a super activity for your child.

Contact our band board and they'll get you started!