Our Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Sprayberry High School Band Program to develop a lifelong appreciation for music and the arts within each of our students. In addition, we strive to help students build skills that will allow them to be valuable members of society once they graduate Sprayberry High School.



This Week In Band

This Week In Band or "TWIB" is our weekly newsletter about all of the upcoming band activities for the week ahead. 

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Upcoming events

Stay up to date with our band calendar of events, practices, rehearsals and concerts.

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Southern Invitational

The Southern Invitational Music Festival is one of the most prestigious and longest running marching band events.

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The Band of Gold Presents

"Running Out Of Heroes" 

The Band of Gold presents one of our most daring and exciting shows yet. “Heroes" is a celebration of the exceptional people in our lives that change the world for the good. We celebrate and acknowledge their existence and our dependence on their heroism. 

Featuring the music of Kevin Shah, Adam Watts, and Alan Sears.

Visual Design by Terrace Ellis. 


Fundraise with the atlanta Braves! 

Thank you for an awesome fundraising season with the Atlanta Braves! This has proven to be one of our most productive fundraisers in years. The season is over for now but we will be gearing up to staff our games for 2018! Keep a lookout for a new schedule and signup information in TWIB and right here on our website.